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1. Everyday Is Your Birthday with Evan Carmichael

July 27, 2020

Evan believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500k to $15mil. He now runs the biggest YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with 2M+ subscribers, wrote 4 books & speaks globally. He wants to solve the world's biggest problem. He's set 2 world records, uses a trampoline & stand-up desk, owns Canada's largest Salsa Dance Studio & has a giant Doritos bag in front of him all day long to remind him that he’s stronger than the Doritos. Toronto is his home. He's a husband, father, TSM fan & Teemo Main.

's website:
Evan's FB -
YouTube Channel:

Evan's Books:
1) Your One Word Book - The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life That Matter

2)Top 10 Rules for Success: Rules to Succeed in Business and Life from Titans, Billionaires, & Leaders who Changed the World

3) 254 Confidence: Your daily guide to building unstoppable confidence in your life, work, and relationships.

4) 3 Point Landing Journal: Your powerful companion to go from just watching another video to actually taking action in your life

5) New book (March 17, 2020 launch): Built to Serve -

6) Evan's YouTube Growth Bootcamp Course Order Page:
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