Better Call Daddy

237. Be You No Matter Where You Go, Blogging, Podcasting, Live-streaming Tim Gillette is Hands On!

June 10, 2022

Today’s guest Tim Gillette spoke at Zig Ziglar’s Headquarters on his father’s birthday!  What is father’s love?  His dad met his mom when she was single, already had Tim, and adopted him!  They were a packaged deal!  How did Tim meet Zig Ziglar?

How did he start blogging and reaching out to celebrities?  What’s the greatest joke he’s ever pulled off?  What made him cut his long hair and change his image?  What is real hope and change?  

Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy!

Tim Gillette is the creator and founder of Simple Easy Marketing and Blog and Video Con. Tim has been hosting events, education and mentorship on the online marketing space using blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasting since 2010.  

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