Better Call Daddy

236. Blaze Your Own Trail & The Role Of Proper Mentorship. Jordan Mendoza

June 8, 2022

“Do as much as you can, for as many people as you can, without expecting anything in return.” That’s easier said than done!  The more often you do that, the more you’ll get what you deserve.  Jordan Mendoza helps people see things in themselves they don’t often see!  His goal as a mentor is to encourage and inspire!  

He didn’t meet his own dad until he was 12!  Find out what lessons he learned from his parents!

Some of Jordan’s many gifts include basketball, breakdancing, beat making, and putting himself out there for collaboration purposes!  He’s teaching people how to Blaze Their Own Trail with his talents!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy. 


Jordan Mendoza is the Founder & CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC where he helps entrepreneurs grow their business through strategic marketing, sales & leadership consulting.

In April of 2019 Jordan started creating content on Linkedin and quickly
realized the power of the organic reach. By December, he had amassed 20k followers using the strategy he now teaches his clients in his 12 Week Program.

In 2020 alone Jordan's content reached over 3 Million content views and his audience has expanded to 61K plus followers.

Jordan's goal is to help over 1000 entrepreneurs grow their brands to increase their impact and income each year.

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