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235. Interviewed By A 10th Grader, Eli Erlanger, Do Not Hesitate!

June 3, 2022

Today’s guest, Eli Erlanger, is a 10th grader, who is a truth seeker and wanted to do some investigative journalism of his own!  He sent me a message on Instagram about the Oscar Stewart, the Protector of Poway Chabad episode 193 I did and I loved his approach!  Read his message below.

Hello Mrs.Watts,

I am Eli Erlanger and I am a student from the Wellington School in Columbus Ohio. I am doing a social history project on the Poway Synagogue Shooting. I would love to get your insights as I need one more interview and I think you are the perfect person after listening to your podcast. It’s a short interview only 10-15 minutes max. I could send you the completed interview when the project is done.

Thank you,



Oscar Stewart Episode was a re-broadcast of the live interview I did with army veteran Oscar Stewart, the Protector of Poway Chabad at a Shul Safety Team Officer event in Chicago sponsored by the Concerned Citizen's League. 

When the shooting started in Poway that Passover, chaos erupted, and human instincts kicked in.  As an army veteran, he knew what he had to do, and didn't think twice.  Oscar did two tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and his training prepared him as he ran into the line of fire.
Stewart emphasized the importance of training repeatedly until the responses to a situation become instinctual.  
"Whatever it was that moved through him at that moment, it propelled Stewart into the lobby. He saw the young man — who authorities say was 19-year-old John T. Earnest — in a military-style vest wielding a semiautomatic rifle."
“Get down!” Stewart yelled in the loudest tenor he could muster.
The gunman fired two more rounds in response.
“I’m going to kill you,” Stewart boomed. This seemed to rattle Earnest, who began to flee.  Fight like you train today of the Better Call Daddy Show: The Safe Space For Controversy!  Violence and anti-semitism is unacceptable and effects the entire community!

Link to Oscar Stewart episode




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