Better Call Daddy

228. Manning Up Early And Leveling Up From Latvia! Edward Purmalis

May 9, 2022

Whatever it takes, Edward Purmalis is going to do it and document the journey along the way.  Edward has seen both sides of having money the good and the bad. He went into the workforce at nineteen because he had to.  How does emotional growth come into play?  How do you treat someone like a sale?  How do you find sales opportunities?  How do you perform well on social media?  How do you grow a successful podcast?

What is it like being raised by a single mom?  He became a de facto chef for one and knows how to take care of and believe in himself two!

What does family mean to you?  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy!

Edward Purmalis wants to raise a new generation of revenue generators and aspiring sales leaders reach out to him on Linkedin he’s building a community!

Check out Edward Purmalis on his Level Up Show to hear the stories of successful, driven individuals and their path to Level Up their personal and professional lives. Edward Purmalis, will be asking the easy and the difficult questions, taking a dive into both the journey of his guests, and the compressed value they can bring to your own growth. Hear their uncensored path to victory, struggles, defeats, and their up to date advice to help you Level Up!

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