Better Call Daddy

229. Understanding The Financial And The Human Side Of Healthcare. Thomas J. Macdonald

May 11, 2022

Which is a dirtier word financial services or senior care?  What are your goals in setting up a trust and long term care?  What is a trust?  Can the government come after assets?  How can you work well with your spouse?  How can the care industry be improved?  How do we pay for it?  What’s residents’ choice?  How do you feel about nursing homes if something happens?  How are you going to care for yourself when you are older?

Today we are talking to Thomas Macdonald about legacy planning and healthcare.  You better make sure things are clearly spelled out and everyone knows who’s getting what!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.

Prior to the founding of Axis Healthcare Consulting, Tom was the Chief Operating Officer of a contract therapy company serving the skilled nursing industry. Tom led the efforts in becoming an early adopter of clinical protocols and programs to meet the goals and objectives of value based purchasing programs. Prior to healthcare, Tom spent 25 years in executive level positions in the investment and banking industry. Tom holds a masters in leadership and organizational change and has extensive experience in the delivery of leadership training, management development and team development.

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