Better Call Daddy

220. What’s An Executive Producer And How To Be A Game-Changing One! Tarin Laughlin

April 6, 2022

Today's a Nanny911 reunion!  Tarin Laughlin and I talk about what's happened since I left California!  What does a story producer or story editor do?  What has the entertainment industry morphed into?  Today I catch up with Tarin Laughlin who I worked with on multiple reality shows.  Tarin has been working in Hollywood for two decades and gave me a leg up.  She says it's harder to break into the industry today.  What is the production community like today?  Does film school matter?  How do you find an agent?  Working freelance is not for the faint of heart and always be nice to get ahead!  What opportunities have come her way for sticking with it and this episode is a tribute to her daddy!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.

Tarin Laughlin is an executive producer in post that oversees story and editing for reality shows.  After almost two decades in the business, she has worked on every type of show.  From shows that aim to better the planet like "Whale War", to competition shows like "The Glee Project", or her Emmy award-winning work with Discovery for "Space Launch Live: America returns to Space".  But, primarily her work has been with docu-series like Ready to Love for OWN, Love and Hip Hop for WH1, and her latest show for OWN, Love and Marriage: D.C.  
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